Indications for Use

CLINIVIEW™ Dental Imaging Software

Cliniview 11: Cliniview software program is indicated for general dental and maxillofacial diagnostic imaging. It controls capture, display, enhancement, and saving of digital images from various digital imaging systems. It stores and communicates these images within the system or across computer systems at distributed locations.

FOCUS™ X-ray Sources

Focus is intended to be used for producing diagnostic x-ray radiographs of dentition, jaws and other oral structures

Orthopantomograph™ OP200 D

Orthopantomograph™ OP200 (film unit) and OP200 D (digital unit) devices are intended to be used for producing X-ray radiographs of dentition, TM-joints and other oral structures. The units are capable of taking panoramic, TM-joint and maxillary sinus radiographs from patients. When the units are equipped with cephalometric option Orthoceph™ OC200 (film unit) or OC200 D (digital unit)units can be used for cephalometric radiography and examinations related hereto. OP200 or OC200 units can also be equipped with Ortho Trans (OT)option, which is capable of taking both cross and longitudinal slices of region of interest. Ortho Trans uses linear tomography imaging principle.

Orthopantomograph™ OP30

The Orthopantomograph™ OP30 dental panoramic X-ray equipment is intended for dental radiographic examinations by producing digital radiographs of teeth, TM-joints and other oral structures by dentists and other legally qualified professionals.

Orthopantomograph™ OP300 Cephalometric / Panoramic / Maxio

The Orthopantomograph™ OP300 dental panoramic, cephalometric and cone beam computed tomography X-ray device is intended for dental radiographic examination of teeth, jaw and TMJ areas by producing conventional 2D X-ray images as well as X-ray projection images of an examined volume for the reconstruction of a 3D view. The device is operated and used by qualified healthcare professionals.

SNAPSHOT™ Intraoral Sensor

Snapshot is intended to be used by dentists and other qualified professionals for producing diagnostic x-ray radiographs of dentition, jaws and other oral structures.



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