Advanced panoramic imaging system

ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP200 D for digital panoramic imaging
ORTHOCEPH® OC200 D for digital cephalometric imaging
ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP200 for panoramic imaging (film)
ORTHOCEPH® OC200 for cephalometric imaging (film)

A proven leader in panoramic imaging

Digital panoramic imaging system

Versatile imaging programs. Accurate and stable patient positioning. Correct imaging values - automatically.

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Fully adjustable scanning with ORTHOCEPH® OC200D


Fully adjustable horizontal scan with large image area gives you the information you need.

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The optimal solution

Volumetric tomography VT

ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP200 with VT is the most advanced and comprehensive cross-sectional imaging system on the market. It provides accurate and valuable information especially for implant planning. With the VT there is no need for unit modifications or purchasing expensive sensors.

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A new era of usability


Operators of the unit and their knowledge of the imaging methods may change with time – quality of ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® and ORTHOCEPH® images will not.

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